Month: April 2019

Cell-based shrimp startup Shiok Meats nets $4.6M in funding

Dive Brief: Singapore-based Shiok Meats, a cell-cultured shrimp startup, has raised $4.6 million in a seed funding round led by investors Monde Nissin Corp. CEO Henry Soesanto, Y Combinator and Tyson Foods-backed Big Idea Ventures, The Spoon reported. The company uses cellular aquaculture to produce lab-grown crustaceans and is the first to do so in Asia, according to The Spoon.

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Shiok Meats Raises $4.6 Million Seed Round To Develop Cell-Based Shrimp

Singapore-based Shiok Meats recently completed a $4.6 million seed round, funding their bold ambition to feed the world with shrimp made from “clean meat.” Backed by an impressive listed of investors, including Y Combinator (their first clean meat investment)  and the CEO of Monde Nissin (owner of Quorn), Shiok and its female founders have their eyes set on disrupting the

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$68m fund to turn labs into food factories of the future

Straits Times journalists Cheryl Teh and Yeo Sam Jo try future foods such as chips and cookies made from cricket flour, alcohol made from soya bean waste, and edible cups and packaging. A total of US$50 million (S$68 million) is up for grabs here for those who can produce proteins of the future, be it

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