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Month: May 2019

Lab-grown meat that’s simply Shiok

THE future of food may lie in lab-grown cell-based meat. And it’s not just plant-based “meat” patties in burgers that are taking the world by storm. On March 29, Shiok Meats unveiled its first ever cell-based shrimp dumpling at The Disruption in Food and Sustainability Summit (DFSS). …

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Temasek, EnterpriseSG, Tyson invest in New Protein Fund

Big Idea Ventures announced the first close of their New Protein Fund with ~40% of targeted US$50m committed from Temasek, Enterprise Singapore, and Tyson Foods. The fund is focused exclusively on startups developing plant-based and cell-based food products and ingredients. It will operate a food tech accelerator in Singapore, scheduled to launch in Q4 2019. It

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Big money in alternative meat start-ups

The Edge Singapore 6 May 2019 BY TRINITY CHUA Andrew Ive, founder and managing partner of Big Idea Ventures, thinks alternative meat companies are no longer niche products, reserved for vegans and ethicists. In fact, he reckons these start-ups can be valued like any conventional food company. “If you look at the minced meat market,

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