Month: July 2019

This Innovative Vegan Startup Is Launching Plant-Based Pork in Asia

Phuture Foods, an innovative Malaysian startup, is bringing vegan pork to the Asian market. Phuture minced pork—made from wheat, shiitake mushrooms, mung beans, and more—is completely plant-based. The company says its pork has all the essential nutrients, including Vitamin B, amino acids, and iron, without the antibiotics and the high saturated fat and cholesterol of

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This Malaysian Startup Is Making Meat That Tastes Like Pork But Isn’t

It’s 2019. Thanks to technology, we are no longer bound by limitations. Cockroach milk? Sure, let’s make it. Worm meatballs? Why not. Image via Giphy In this environmentally-conscious, healthy-living day and age, we’ve come up with alternatives for a better lifestyle. To contribute to that, a Malaysian company has started to create plant-based pork meat which “looks

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