2019 Asia Manufacturing Summit: Food and Beverages, Plastic packaging and Plastic Recycling Technology

Month: August 2019

NEW Phuture Foods plant based pork for Hong Kong

Phuture Foods is looking to monopolize the Asian food industry by pioneering a plant-based pork substitute called Phuture Minced Pork to meet high demands for pork in the continent. The start-up intends to sell vegan pork meat in Hong Kong with plans to expand in Malaysia and Singapore thereafter. With the plant-based pork being halal,

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Sandhya Sriram of Shiok Meats on introducing cell-based meat: Women in Tech

Seafood is a great source of protein, but its supply in the wild is dwindling due to overfishing. However, large-scale fish farming also has its downsides, especially with regards to the environmental impact. According to the Food and Agriculture Organization, the most common negative environmental impacts that have been associated with aquaculture include alteration or destruction of natural

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Lorem ipsum | Vietnam | cesiscompany.vn

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