Month: October 2019

Agronomics commits investment to cultured seafood firm Shiok Meats

Agronomics announced on Tuesday that it has completed a subscription of $0.5m in the form of a convertible loan note in Shiok Meats – a Singapore based company developing cultured seafood products, focusing on shrimp. The AIM-traded firm said that on conversion, the subscription was expected to give Agronomics an approximate interest of 2.3% in Shiok Meats.

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Singapore Business Review’s 20 Hottest Startups Panel Briefing 2019

On its seventh year, the Hottest Startups Panel Briefing has steadily become the landmark event discussing the latest developments, trends, and best practices for startups seeking to catapult into the global stage. The event has featured some of elite attendees including Bambu, Hmlet, Ohmyhome, StashAway, Golden Gate Ventures, Jungle Ventures, Monk’s Hill Ventures, and Entrepreneur First. You can

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Cell-based seafood in the spotlight with Shiok Meats

Lab-grown meat could soon be part of your seafood platter, as Shiok Meats, the world’s first cell-based crustacean product, moves towards launch. Dr Ka Yi Ling is co-founder and Chief Scientific Officer of the Singapore-based startup that is working on creating alternatives to prawns and other crustaceans using stem cell technology. Shiok is a Singaporean

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