Month: October 2019

Korea Sustainable Brands Conference

Sustainable Brands Conference Seoul will focus on how to focus on global and local businesses are committing. The mission of a sustainable brand is to shift the world to a sustainable economy. We are working to make more brands discover the path to the future, overcome various challenges, and follow that path.

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Biftek: Replaces FCS In Clean Meat Thus Bringing Down Cost By 80%

Turkey-based startup recognizes the flaws in today’s clean meat movement and wants to offer up technology for companies around the world to improve it. The startup has developed a plant-based culture medium supplement to replace Fetal Calf Serum (FCS) which is needed to culture muscle cells. This serum is not only very expensive, but has raised  questions  regarding

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Clean Meat Startup Wants To Ditch Fetal Calf Serum For Good

While cell-based clean meat has surged in popularity, the process is not without its flaws. For the most part, the end product is still too expensive, and many companies are dependent on Fetal Calf Serum (FCS) as a supplement needed to culture muscle cells. This serum is not only very expensive, but has raised questions regarding quality and animal

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Blessed are the (plant-based) cheesemakers

In his tiny home test kitchen in the inner Melbourne suburb of Richmond, leading Australian chef Shaun Quade gets his vegan-friendly cheeses out of the fridge and invites me to try them. To the naked eye, they look just like regular cheeses – but he’s made both the camembert wheel and gruyère from cauliflower and the feta (with

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Lorem ipsum | Vietnam |

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