This M’sian Called The Meat Industry “Super Inefficient”, So He’s Making Pork Out Of Plants Instead

Month: November 2019

Nutraceuticals and Functional Foods Congress Asia 2019

This 2-day meeting, which gathers leading experts in the subject areas, will explore the current innovations and trends in nutraceuticals and functional foods, emerging technologies and regulatory considerations. Using case studies, presentations and expert-led panel discussions, this meeting will explore both scientific and commercial interests with topics on the trends and recent innovations of nutraceuticals

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Tradition Meets Innovation With GOURMEY Cell-Based Foie Gras

The French delicacy foie gras, which directly translates as “fat liver,” is traditionally made out of the liver of a duck or goose which has been force-fed or over-fed. The process is cruel, and yet foie gras maintains a level of cultural importance in France and popularity throughout the world. So how can have our

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