Month: November 2019

Beyond Meat vs Zhenmeat: The battle for China’s meatless market

BEIJING/SHANGHAI (Reuters) – U.S. plant-based “meat” makers targeting China like Impossible Foods and Beyond Meat Inc will need to battle homegrown rivals which are developing local favorites such as dumplings and mooncakes to nab a share of the lucrative market. A cook displays a steamed dumpling with OmniPork plant-based meat at VeggieWorld fair in Beijing,

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Plant-Based and Sustainability: 2019 Recap

Join us at the Centre for a Responsible Future final business networking session of 2019! This session focuses on the Plant-Based and Sustainability: 2019 Recap – what is driving growth and laying the groundwork for future innovation. Listen to experts share their outlook and views, sample some scrumptious plant-based food and network network network with your industry peers.

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Asia Investment Conference

16:50 Delivering Alpha: Charting the Roadmap for Value Creation Portfolio management and post-investment work can be tricky and complex, and often not as exciting and rosy as depicted in academic case studies. The absence of a proper 100-day plan often leads to poor integration, less than ideal financial performance and potentially value destructive to shareholders.

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Sustainology Summit

Workshop: Catherine Barba, Lex Heslin & Abby Lyall 3:00 – 4:00 PM This interactive workshop offers you the much needed face to face with investors, where you will get the opportunity to ask about the fundamentals when seeking investments, and the variety of solutions, tools, and tips to get a step closer to secure funding.

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Lorem ipsum | Vietnam |

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