Month: November 2019

The Future of Protein Summit

The food system is currently grappling with monumental challenges that require urgent intervention. In India, malnutrition and farmers’ incomes are vital issues along with the risk of greenhouse gas emissions and water shortages from rising industrial animal agriculture. If we want to feed a billion plus Indians in a sustainable, healthy and just manner, it

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ClassroomX Web Summit

For our inaugural session at Web Summit, we have assembled a variety of product, marketing, tech, and sales experts to teach others how to overcome common challenges startups face. A beginner’s guide to startup valuation Speaker: Abby Lyall | Program Director, Big Idea Ventures Learn the fundamentals of startup valuation to impress VCs and place yourself in

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Explore investment opportunities and learn about latest trends in the ESG & Impact Investing! The 36th TBLI CONFERENCE ASIA will be held in Singapore What to expect A carefully curated program tailored for both ESG and Impact Investors Practical Workshops with case studies, market analysis and lessons learned Interactive TBLI Masterclasses on opportunities, innovation and

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Hello Tomorrow Singapore Regional Summit

EQUAL PARTS SCIENCE // HUMAN // AMBITION The region’s foremost platform at which the leading scientific, thought and business leaders dive into how the latest deep technological developments impact industry, society and humanity. It contextualises such developments for the Asian perspective, for the purpose of building deeper partnerships among public, private and scientific communities. ​“Alone we can do so

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Lorem ipsum | Vietnam |

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