Month: February 2020

Shiok Meats explores sustainable seafood

Australian consumers are in the privileged position of having access to a vast array of high quality seafood, but there’s a lack of awareness when it comes to choosing sustainable sourced fish. Marine Stewardship Council’s (MSC) 2018 GlobeScan Consumer Insights Report found that few Australian consumers are choosing to purchase eco-labelled fish and seafood products.

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Third Thursday

Third Thursday is a recurring open forum networking and info session for the Columbia University entrepreneurship community. It provides students, faculty, staff, and alumni the opportunity to hear ideas from across campus, form teams, and explore career options. You’ll hear from Columbia alumni and other experts on their experiences working in the field, how they’ve applied their Columbia

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Event: 3rd Sustainable Food Proteins ASIA 2020

We are a global conference organiser with more than 30 successful years of bridging key resources, knowledge, customers and commerce towards success in today’s changing market. Competently researched programs that reflect contemporary technologies and vital business analysis by authoritative speakers are the hallmark of CMT conferences. CMT hones its reputation in offering high-level and dedicated

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Four Reasons to Choose Plant Milk Over Cow’s Milk

By Kevin Eve and Jacob Conway, Co-Founders of Uproot   Plant milk has been around since the middle ages but only became common in the refrigerators of Americans in the late 1990’s. The plant milk movement gained steam after the introduction of oat milk to the US in 2016. You might have heard of this phenomenon

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Lorem ipsum | Vietnam |

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