Month: May 2020

Corporate Innovation Summit

CIS Virtual Conference is the 2-day online conference with the goal to connect you with the innovation thought-leaders around the world who have driven the innovation for top-notch organizations around the globe.

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Accelerating Change: COVID-19, Investment and the Food Vertical

The realities we believed in have changed radically and we are adapting to new emerging patterns in the industries we serve. COVID-19 has impacted all our lives, threatens the way we conduct business and interrupts whole supply chains. This crisis is forcing us to re-think food security, questioning the notion from farm to fork and

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The Case for Cultured Foie Gras

Back straight, lips pursed, you’re seated at an elegant restaurant on the Upper East Side scanning the menu when the waiter approaches. “Do you all have any questions?” Your dinner partner is also reading the menu when their eyebrows knit and they ask innocently, ignorantly, “So, how’s the foie gras made?” Embarrassment ripples through your

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Meetup with Singapore’s startup ecosystem representatives

The ecosystem collaboration arm of the Internet Initiatives Development Fund (IIDF)  – #tceh holds a special event for startups and SMEs from Russia and CIS countries – an online meetup with Singapore’s startup ecosystem representatives, including official partners of IIDF in the ASEAN region. Meetup panelists: CEO of one of the main representative of Singapore’s

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Lorem ipsum | Vietnam |

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