Month: May 2020

Future Food Now #11: China special

Welcome to another special edition of FFN. In this one, I attempt a deep-dive into the latest developments in mainland China’s plant-based sector. Just over the last few weeks in China: KFC trialled plant-based chicken nuggets Starbucks launched a new menu featuring Beyond Meat and other plant-based brands Local plant-based startup Starfield brought its products to 300+ restaurant partners (soon adding

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Giving Cell-Based Seafood The Shiok Factor (VIDEO)

AsianScientist (May 14, 2020) – Although environmentalists have long spoken out against industrial animal farming due to animal cruelty and the environmental damage it causes, the global demand for meat has only continued to rise. In 2013, 320 million tonnes of meat was produced, four times the amount produced 50 years ago. To address growing

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#65: The Phuture of Meat

With nutrition and a focus on the environmental impact of food coming to define the zeitgeist of this generation’s food systems, there’s been a lot of interest and money vested into finding alternatives to meat consumption. In the US, brands like Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods have been making waves with their plant-based solutions to burger patties

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Lorem ipsum | Vietnam |

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