Month: June 2020

S02 E02: Big Ideas, Big Investments

Last year was groundbreaking for plant-based food, and we’re also on the cusp of making secure, sustainable, and cultivated meat a reality. Despite Covid-19, this year’s been no pushover either. The amount of money raised in Q1 2020 ($930 million) was more than what was invested in the smart protein sector in all of 2019

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Bühler and Tyson Foods take stake in Asia’s plant-based and cellular agriculture sectors Bühler and Tyson Foods take stake in Asia’s plant-based and cellular agriculture sectors

30 Jun 2020 — As industry grapples with financial volatility throughout the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, alternative proteins are gaining ground in the Asian market amid an influx of investment in the plant-based and cellular agriculture spaces. Singapore-based venture capital firm and business accelerator Big Idea Ventures has recently attracted more investors to its alternative protein

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Shiok Meats gets more funding

Singapore’s Shiok Meats has raised USD 3 million in a bridge funding round from Agronomics, US-based VegInvest, UK-based Impact Venture, and UAE-headquartered Mindshift Capital Fund. This brings its total funding to USD 7.6 million altogether to date. The foodtech startup will use the new funds to …

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Shiok Meats raises $3m in bridge funding for cell-based production plant

Shiok Meats, the cell-based seafood producer based in Singapore, has secured $3 million in fresh capital ahead of its Series A. UK investors from Agronomics and Impact Venture have joined Mindshift Capital and VegInvest in this bridge funding round. Shiok is also a portfolio brand of Beyond Investing and Big Idea Ventures, among others. The start-up is still

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