Month: July 2020

Video | China’s plant-based meat competition is sizzling

As foreign firms like Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods set their sights on China’s artificial meat market, domestic brands are stepping up. China consumes more than a quarter of all meat in the world, including about half of all pork production. Overall, meat consumption for the average person in the country has increased 3.7 times since

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The Maju Collective: The Future of Food

The third and final run of challenge series 30 by 30 In Our Next Generation has the theme “Future of Food”, which presents an exciting opportunity to explore what the local food system of tomorrow could look like. How might technology help us mitigate the threat of food insecurity? Will time transform our relationship with

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Dim Sum To Bak Chor Mee: This S’pore Startup Turns Jackfruit Into Plant-Based Pork

Karana’s on a mission to change even meat eaters’ palates by creating deceptively scrumptious plant-based substitutes. This Singapore-based foodtech startup is Asia’s first whole-plant based meat company, which creates pulled pork substitutes from an unlikely source: jackfruit. Karana’s whole-plant pork is available shredded or minced, and it’s also catered for Asian recipes. The minced product is

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An Investors Perspective on Accelerators vs. Incubators

In the first half of the year, U.S. alternative meat, egg, and dairy companies raised 14% more—more than $850 million—than they had raised in the entirety of 2019, which was also a record-breaking year, according to the Good Food Institute, an organization that tracks the industry. “Cultivated” or “cell-based” meat companies, growing food from animal

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Lorem ipsum | Vietnam |

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