Month: August 2020

The Big Foodivate Challenge

Organised by Big Idea Ventures in conjunction with the Straits Clan, the Big Foodivate Challenge is an annual national pitch competition that encourages local Singaporean students and alumni to come up with innovative solutions to food security and food sufficiency issues in Singapore. Participants will submit an application on Agri-Food solutions that are aligned with

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Interview with Karana on Jackfruit as an Alternative Meat

Karana recently closed US$1.7M seed funding for their jackfruit alternative meat so we were keen to find out about their next steps to develop their alternative meat and how collaborations and partnerships have helped them accelerate their mission. We spoke to Co-Founders Blair Crichton and Dan Riegler to learn more. Can you tell us a

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This November, vegan cheese brand Grounded Foods will debut its first products. Founded by Australian couple Veronica Fil and Shaun Quade (an award-winning chef), Grounded uses proprietary processes to create realistic vegan cheese with a commendable nutritional profile from locally sourced ingredients such as cauliflower and hemp. The company uses the entire cauliflower (upcycled when possible) and

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Rohit Nanwani, Co-Founder of LVL Life

Rohit’s Superfood Company Makes Healthy Eating Easier For You What’s your story? I started as a fourth-generation member of a family business that sells noodles in emerging markets, like Africa, while on a personal journey to become much healthier and fitter. I soon realized the benefits of living a healthy lifestyle and decided to “walk

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The TechCrunch List

Welcome to The TechCrunch List — a directory of the most active and engaged investors in the VC industry today as recommended by founders. Please head to our frequently asked questions page to learn more about what this List is, its methodology, the qualifications to be added, how to ask for changes or corrections, and how to send feedback. If you

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Lorem ipsum | Vietnam |

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