Month: August 2020

4 Inspiring Vegan Women Leaders You Need To Know

Earlier this year, Green Queen reported on the launch of a new female-focused plant-based membership platform, The Vegan Women’s Leadership Network. Launched by Katrina Fox, an Sydney-based journalist and founder of Vegan Business Media, the network serves as a global ethical, diverse and leadership community for vegan and plant-based women. Now, we showcase some of the amazing female

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Evo Foods wants to disrupt India’s food market with plant-based eggs

Alternative meat products have made headlines recently as they hit supermarkets and even fast-food chains. In India, one startup wants to make a difference in the space by producing plant-based liquid eggs. “We saw a gap in the market for clean protein products, specifically plant-based alternatives to animal products, and decided to start Evo Foods

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Meet The 12 Next-Gen Food Techs Transforming The Future Of Protein

Today (August 11), Big Idea Ventures (BIV) announces the launch of its second food technology accelerator program in New York City and Singapore. This year’s cohort includes 12 early-stage startups working in the plant-based and cell-based space, innovating new technologies that will be vital if we are to successfully shift towards a more sustainable food system. Below

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The Rising Stars Of Singapore’s Alternative Protein Scene

These four brands are flying the flag for Singapore on the alternative protein scene. From dairy-free milk and fish-free seafood to jackfruit and chickpea-based ‘meat’. After securing significant investment, expect to see these Singaporean alternative proteins moving mainstream in the coming years. Here, Green Monday intern, Sebastian Wong, shines a light on exciting developments within the industry and

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