Month: August 2020

Cultivated red meat to be produced in Southeast Asia

Consumption of livestock products has increased tremendously in the last decade. In the next decade, the steepest growth in this sector is projected to come from South Asia and other parts of Asia. However, in the current landscape of cultured meat startups, not many companies from Asia are focused on red meat products. Is there

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An Industry in Transition: COVID-19’s Impact on Plant-Based Protein

Anjali Agarwal   The world reckoned with COVID-19 over the last several months as lockdowns were instituted, and as people globally experienced drastic changes to their daily lives, consumers’ spending habits changed in stride. Among these changes include an increase in spending on groceries, while spending on other categories, such as entertainment and travel, naturally

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Foodhack Discovery: Confetti’s Marvellous Veggie Chips

Marvellous Veggie Chips Confetti is a mission driven snack company that crafts award winning plant snacks seasoned with exotic flavors that bring you on a culinary adventure. Confetti Snacks are nutrient dense and are rich in plant goodness. We are aligned with United Nations SDGs, partners of 1 for a Better Planet and Business For

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4 startups “cracking” the formula for the perfect egg substitute

As Impossible and Beyond burgers lead the plant-based meat space, other startups have set their sights on the next big thing in alt foods: egg alternatives. Fueled by a similar combination of motivations as faux meat, including animal cruelty and climate change, there are a number of startups attempting to “crack” the egg alternative game

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