Month: September 2020

Shiok Meats raises $12.6M for cell-based shrimp

Dive Brief: Shiok Meats, a Singapore cell-based shrimp company, closed a $12.6 million funding round this week. The money will go toward construction of a pilot plant to make the shrimp, which the company said is expected to launch in 2022. The investment was led by Aqua-Spark, an investment fund focused on sustainable aquaculture. This

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Sandhya Sriram – CEO and Co-Founder of Shiok Meats

Sandhya Creates Delicious Cell-based Meat & Seafood For A Healthier Planet What’s your story? I am an entrepreneur, leader, scientist, wife, and mother. I am a stem cell scientist by education and training. Over the years, the entrepreneurship bug bit me, and ever since, I have been a creator. I was born in India, brought

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Singapore start-up Shiok Meats raises $17.3m in Series A funding

Cell-based seafood producer Shiok Meats of Singapore has received US$12.6 million (S$17.3 million) in Series A funding – the latest alternative protein company to raise money as the pandemic pressures global food supply chains. The new round of funding will sustain the start-up for at least three years and help finance research, development and its

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