Month: October 2020

MeliBio makes honey without bees

After watching entrepreneurs flock to California to make meat, milk, eggs and other products indoors without the customary animal, Darko Mandich decided last November to travel 6,000 miles with the hopes of doing the same with one of his favorite ingredients: honey. Without any connections in the San Francisco area, Mandich and his wife set out

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Demand for plant-based meat growing in China | Video

Makers of plant-based meat are eyeing China as a top market, given its massive population and appetite for meat. American firm Beyond Meat is building two factories near Shanghai, going head-to-head against homegrown Chinese firms. Linette Lim reports on the growing interest in plant-based diets in China.

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‘We’re attempting to make foie gras based on stem cells’

Currently working in France, Nadine Bongaerts looks back with satisfaction at her student days in Delft. “The network I built up is incredibly valuable. Compared to French universities, TU Delft is really good in the practical, hands-on application of theory, which gives students very valuable skills.” Nadine Bongaerts: “I tried to show that biology-based technology

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Lorem ipsum | Vietnam |

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