Month: March 2021

New Wave Foods Debuts Plant-Based Shrimp in US Foodservice Companies

Tyson-backed New Wave Foods announced today that it is launching its plant-based shrimp alternative in foodservice companies and restaurants throughout the U.S. The company signed a non-exclusive agreement with the largest foodservice redistributor in the U.S., Dot Foods, to make its product commercially available. New Wave Shrimp is made from a combination of mung bean, seaweed, and

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MeliBio Raises $850,000 in Pre-Seed Funding

BERKELEY, California – March 30, 2021 – MeliBio, Inc., the startup making real honey without bees, has today announced the closing of $850,000 in the pre-seed round funding. The company, founded in 2020 by Aaron Schaller, PhD and Darko Mandich is developing a proprietary technology based on synthetic biology, precision fermentation, and plant science that

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Ten Women Saving the Ocean: CEOs and Founders in Alt Seafood

By 2048, we may face fishless oceans, if commercial fishing practices continue. While the stories of the destructive practices of commercial fishing have been shared over the years, the 2021 release of Seaspiracy on Netflix is sure to be a turning point in changing the future of seafood. WHO ARE THE WOMEN CHANGING THE FUTURE

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