This Y Combinator startup is taking lab-grown meat upscale with elk, lamb and Wagyu beef cell lines

Month: March 2021

Why having a good co-packer is essential to getting on QVC

Just as the pandemic was starting to hit last year, Hailey Swartz and Jason Rosenbaum, co-founders of Actual Veggies, took their idea for plant-only burgers to the Healthy Food Expo in New York. It was March 2020. “It was probably the last trade show in the U.S. before COVID,” says Swartz, president of Actual Veggies,

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In brief: BIV’s New Protein Fund invites applications for startup programme

New Protein Fund to invest US$200K each in attendees The story: Big Idea Ventures’s (BIV) New Protein Fund, dedicated to seed- and early-stage investments in plant-based and cell-based food, ingredient and technology companies, is accepting applications from startups for its fourth accelerator cohort. BIV has accelerator offices in New York, Singapore and soon in Paris. How it

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Big Idea Ventures opens fourth accelerator round

Global leader in food technology investment Big Idea Ventures is accepting applications from start-ups for its fourth accelerator cohort. BVI is dedicated to seed and early stage investments in plant-based and cell-based food, ingredient and technology companies. Twice a year BVI selects the best alternative protein start-ups to undergo five months of “rigorous and dedicated

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