Month: April 2021

California-based startup MeliBio is making honey without bees

Vegans and environmentalists alike are buzzing about a California-based start-up using fermentation to make honey without bees. MeliBio has raised 850 thousand dollars in pre-seed funding for its technology and says it’s aiming to disrupt the potentially destructive effects of the traditional honey industry. Darko Mandich, the company’s CEO and co-founder, joined BNN Bloomberg to

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Y Combinator-Backed Orbillion Bio Secures US$5M To Bring Its Cell-Cultured Wagyu Beef, Bison & Sheep To Market

Female-founded food tech Orbillion Bio recently raised US$5M in its seed round for the development of its cruelty-free lab-grown alternatives to ‘heritage meats’ like wagyu beef, elk, sheep, and American bison. Silicon Valley-based Orbillion Bio closed its oversubscribed round with support from Silicon Valley entrepreneurs, biotech industry experts, and European deep tech investors like One Ventures who have

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Third Big Idea Ventures Cohort: From Edible Cutlery to Artisan Cheese to Cell Cultured Turkey

From a company creating whole muscle seafood through fermentation to one working on edible cutlery to reduce waste, BIV’s third cohort is focused on sustainably feeding a growing world population. These entrepreneurs are looking to tap into growing market opportunities across the alternative protein landscape. The 15 companies in the third cohort include: New York Accelerator • AquaCultured

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Creating pork from jackfruit: How this whole-plant start-up is taking on Asia’s multibillion-dollar meat industry

This whole-plant start-up is taking on Asia’s billion-dollar meat industry Appetite for alternative meat is growing across the globe. As the nutritional and environmental impacts of meat consumption become better known, producers and consumers are looking to different sources to address the continued demand for protein. One among them is Dan Riegler, whose own evolving

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