Month: May 2021

Panel: Why can only a few scale an early stage business?

Successfully scaling an early stage business is a challenge in any industry, though definitely more complicated in food & ag. Why does only a very small group of startups manage to disrupt the sector and create the impact the envisaged when starting their business. Is it about conservatism of the industry, regulation, access to capital

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The Big Idea Podcast: Food (Episode 3 – Evo Foods)

Podcast 3:Evo Foods’ Co-Founder Kartik Dixit speaks with Andrew D. Ive from Big Idea Ventures about starting a plant-based milk company In “The Big Idea Podcast: Food” series, each week our Founder Andrew D. Ive will speak with some of the most innovative minds in the food space about the exciting projects they are a

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Lorem ipsum | Vietnam |

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