Month: June 2021

The Big Idea Podcast: Food (Episode 7 – Novel Farms)

Podcast #7: Novel Farms CEO and Founder Nieves Martinez-Marshall speaks with Andrew D. Ive from Big Idea Ventures about starting a company that improves animal welfare, food safety and human wellbeing through development of the technologies necessary to advance cellular agriculture. Big Idea Ventures is launching our very own podcast “The Big Idea Podcast: Food”.

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Actual Veggies

Unlike the plant-based protein options currently in the marketplace, the Actual Veggies line isn’t trying to approximate the taste of meat. Every ¼-pound, thick-cut Actual Veggies patty is filled with fresh veggie-only ingredients, and is gluten-, soy- and nut-free, vegan; kosher and Certified Non-GMO, with no fillers, preservatives or unpronounceable ingredients. The naturally colorful line consists of

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A Guide For Food Branding

By Andrea Ivančević   Food industry branding relies on natural urges and “gut” feelings; branding visuals can make your customers hungrier, or lose their appetite. For anyone working in food, a broad category that includes innovators in the food industry, manufacturers of packaged foods, restaurants, food bloggers, food-related services and beverage companies—the nuances of food

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Lorem ipsum | Vietnam |

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