Month: June 2021

Aqua Cultured Foods Is Creating Whole Muscle Cuts of Seafood Using Fungi

Seafood is the most traded commodity in the world, and it is estimated that 85 percent of wild fish stocks are overfished or fully exploited. As a way to address the plethora of environmental issues found within the commercial seafood industry, startup Aqua Cultured Foods is developing alternative forms of seafood using fermentation. The company, based in Chicago, Illinois,

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The Big Idea Podcast: Food (Episode 5 – Grounded Foods)

Podcast 5: Grounded Foods Co-Founder Veronica Fil speaks with Andrew D. Ive from Big Idea Ventures about starting a plant-based cheese company.  In “The Big Idea Podcast: Food” series, each week our Founder Andrew D. Ive will speak with some of the most innovative minds in the food space about the exciting projects they are

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Orbillion Bio Joins AMPS Coalition Bringing Cell-Cultured Proteins To U.S. Market

Orbillion Bio, the Silicon Valley food tech dedicated to culturing premium heritage meats, has joined the Alliance for Meat, Poultry & Seafood Innovation (AMPS Innovation). The coalition is made up of seven other U.S.-based members, including players like cell-cultured seafood maker BlueNalu and cultivated chicken startup Upside Foods, who are working together to educate consumers and stakeholders

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Actual Veggies’ Veggie-Only Burgers Hit Store Shelves Nationwide Sprouts Farmers Market to sell burgers featuring colorful, veggie-only ingredients with no preservatives or additives

Actual Veggies veggie-only burgers are exactly what you see – veggies. The quarter-pound patties come in four delicious varieties— The Actual Black Burger, The Actual Orange Burger, The Actual Purple Burger, and The Actual Green Burger. Actual Veggies burgers have no fillers or preservatives, only healthy, fresh, colorful veggies and ingredients you can actually pronounce.

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