Month: September 2021

FoodTech 500 – Call for Application

Forward Fooding is now accepting applications for the 2021 edition of FoodTech 500, the ‘Fortune 500’ of the FoodTech sector. AgriFoodtech companies around the world can apply to be considered for the coveted ranking.   Applications are subject to a rigorous standardised review that ranks companies based on business size, digital footprint and sustainable practices

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The Big Idea Podcast: Food (Episode 21: Gourmey)

Podcast #21 : Gourmey Co-founder & CEO Nicolas Morin-Forest speaks with Andrew D. Ive from Big Idea Ventures about creating sustainable cultivated meat delights. Podcasts Apple Podcast Stitcher Spotify Google Podcast YouTube Episode SUMMARY KEYWORDS foie gras, company, product, cell, people, meat, chefs, working, called, cultivated, singapore, produced, instance, based, focused, nicolas, case, france, lines,

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Sweden’s Hooked Catches a Fresh €3.8 Million For Plant-Based Fish

Hooked Foods announces a raise of €3.8 million euros from investors including Swedish popstar Danny Saucedo. The young brand launched its vegan tuna product, Toonish, into Swedish retail earlier this month, claiming it to be the first 100% plant-based tuna to hit the shelves in Sweden. Founded in 2019 and a graduate of the ProVeg Incubator, Hooked Foods

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Alternative meat innovators compete to ‘feed the next billion’

CULVER CITY, CALIF. — Algae, fungi and air molecules are just some of the protein sources used by companies participating in a $15 million innovation competition hosted by XPRIZE. The nonprofit organization launched Feed the Next Billion, a four-year competition focused on accelerating innovation within alternative meats. The competition asks innovators to develop multiple consistent

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Aqua Cultured Foods innovates in seafood alternative category

CHICAGO — Food technology startup Aqua Cultured Foods is developing whole-muscle cut seafood alternatives created through microbial fermentation. The company plans to introduce its first commercial products early next year. The company said it can produce seafood analogs including tuna, whitefish, calamari and shrimp using biomass fermentation and a proprietary strain of fungi. The process

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Lorem ipsum | Vietnam |

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