‘If we want to move the needle in terms of gender diversity & inclusion in the VC field, LP’s need to be part of the conversation and have a larger influence.’ – Abby Lyall

Salma is joined by Abby Lyall, the Program Director of Big Idea Ventures’ NYC accelerator, to discuss the importance of embracing exponential technological change from a generational and multi-ecosystem party’s perspective. Abby also shares her experiences of entering into the VC world and some very valuable tips for those that aspire to work in this field. She also gives us a rare glimpse of her day-to-day responsibilities and activities. Make sure to listen to this episode!

Applications for the Food Accelerator of BIV in NYC & Singapore are now open, visit: bigideaventures.com/apply

Watch Abby’s TEDxNYU talk on Life Crises, The Myth of Stability, and Embracing Technological Change here: bit.ly/32pQXyt

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