Application Process

New York

Our location in New York City allows us to bring in world class mentors, advisors and investors. We also provide all of our companies with the industry connections they need to make sure their products can scale. We invest USD$200K (which USD$75K is in-kind) into the world’s best alternative protein companies twice per year. Over a 5 month period, we work side by side with our companies to help them prepare for massive growth and scale. Even if you do choose New York City as the base, the program is unique where you can leverage the Singapore program as well. During and post-Covid we are working hard to work with the best companies globally by leveraging technology and offering virtual support.


Our unique location in Singapore plus our close collaboration with the government offers founders unparalleled access to the center of the sector in Asia-Pacific. Twice per year, we invest USD$200K (which USD$75K is in-kind) to support early-stage companies based in the Asia-Pacific region that are looking to grow, or companies from outside of the region that want to expand their market and production base here. Even if you do choose Singapore as the base, the program is unique where you can access all the programs with the New York City side as well. During and post-Covid we are working hard to work with the best companies globally by leveraging technology and offering virtual support.


Our location in Paris is supported by the Big Idea ventures team and ecosystem. In addition we bring our unique partnerships with Bel Group, Givaudan and Buhler Group, who provide our companies with scale-up capabilities and growth strategy, and Shakeup Factory with additional mentors, advisors and investors through their European network. Starting Summer 2021, Big Idea Ventures will be investing USD$200K ($125k cash and $75k in-kind investment) into Europe’s best alternative protein companies twice per year. Over a 5 month period, we work side by side with our companies to help them prepare for massive growth. Additionally, companies in the Paris accelerator can leverage resources from the Singapore and New York City programs. During and after Covid we will leverage technology to conduct our program and offer virtual support to our companies.

Applications for the New York City, Singapore, and Paris programs are reviewed on a rolling basis, giving you the opportunity to secure investment and gain entry into the accelerator ahead of the program start date. This also means that spots in each program are available as soon as applications open and may become filled before applications close.
Every company will be required to apply online with an application that includes specific questions. There could be further follow-up to provide additional information as due diligence progresses. This information includes a traditional pitch deck as well as a video response. Questions include elevator pitch, product, customer, manufacturing, distribution, revenues, team, goals, exit, etc.
During the first screen at least four team members will review and rate each application. They will use a set list of criteria to grade each company, giving a 1-5 overall score. Some examples include..."Is this a Big Idea?", market, business model, competitive advantage, team, IP defensibility and more.
The top 50 companies will be live-video interviewed by at least two team members. This call will include a pitch, Q&A and an opportunity for founders to ask the team questions. The interviewers will keep notes on their insights, additional questions and areas to be further discussed.

Each team member will stack rank their top 25 Companies. They will then be interviewed by other team members and areas of follow up from the first interviews will be explored.

Once the interviews are completed, the team will get together and discuss their preferred companies who will ultimately receive an offer of investment and participation in the relevant accelerator. No need to chase for a decision, as soon as we've identified the best companies, we'll reach out and make you an offer.
When we have shortlisted the companies we would like to invest in and work with, we will reach out and take you through the offer. Our offer for participation in an accelerator program is standard, i.e. we do not negotiate with each company and all companies are given the same offer.

Click the “Apply Now” button below to begin the application process to our accelerators. If you have any questions on the process at any time, do please contact us as we want to make sure you are clear on the opportunities and how the program can help you accelerate. 


You will need to choose the appropriate location and then either click for New York or for Singapore to begin the application process.

The program does not require you to outlay any cash directly to us. Our standard investment is we will provide you with USD$200K and of that portion you will get USD$125K cash and the other USD$75K is paid for the program.

In addition to our capital investment, we take early-stage companies through a 5-month program to accelerate their growth. Participation provides:

  • Life-long support from our team: Our team will work hands-on with you to help you meet your goals. This includes weekly meetings (for 5 months) to build out your business and fundraising strategies, address any roadblocks and capitalize on successes. As we build out your strategy, we leverage our extensive professional networks to get you in front of the buyers, investors and influencers most suited to your business. We develop lasting relationships with our portfolio companies, and continue to provide support after the program’s end.
  • Relevant office, kitchen and lab access depending on location.
  • Expert input: In addition to our core team, you’ll receive guidance from our experts in manufacturing, sales and distribution, marketing and food science. Our experts will continue to provide guidance and support after the program’s end.
  • Exclusive workshops and 1:1 sessions: Our regular programming includes workshops and 1:1 office hours led by guest mentors and VCs covering every key business area.
  • Opportunities for product showcases, with ample media footage to develop your product portfolio.
  • Demo Days: We wrap up the program with our Demo Day, where you’ll pitch to a room of 200+ inventors and industry professionals. You can also participate in Demo Day in both New York City and Singapore to reach investors globally.
  • Exclusive network access: Admitted companies receive life-long access to our network of 300+ mentors, investors and industry professionals.
  • Follow-on funding: Top-performers have the opportunity to receive up to USD$3.5M in follow-on funding.

You can see a full list of the benefits the program provides here.

Accelerator investments are currently our primary focus, but direct investment candidates are encouraged to apply. If we’re interested, we’ll invite you for an interview where we can discuss specifics of investment type and timeline. Companies who have raised USD$1M or more are typically what we look for in direct investment.

No, the terms are set and standard. Every accelerator company receives US$200K in investment, at the same terms.

We allow remote participation in either program. Our programs are currently remote due to the COVID-19 pandemic. When we resume in-person programming, admitted companies will have the option to participate remotely or in-person.

While we primarily invest in alternative meat, seafood and dairy replacements, we do consider products in other categories such as snacks and beverages.

You should apply for the program best suited to the market presence you’re looking for. If you plan to launch a product in the USA, for example, our New York City program would be the best fit for you. If you aren’t sure, please include a note in your application and we will discuss which location is best suited based on your needs.

We are unable to invest in companies that use any amount of an animal-based ingredient in any of their products. All products sold must be vegan. Cell-based meat companies are an exception, as the “meat” is not derived from a live animal.

No, we do not invest in products containing insects or insect ingredients.
Any traction, including recurring revenues, are great milestones to help boost your application, but are not required. Our accelerator program offers resources to help increase sales volume from any starting point, and we welcome pre-market companies to apply.
We do not invest in brick and mortar businesses. To be eligible, these businesses must have or plan to have a product line to be sold in retail stores, online or through restaurants and other food service channels.
Funds are wired on or around the start date of the relevant accelerator program.
We follow-on invest in the top 20% of companies that successfully complete our accelerator program. Follow-on checks can be any amount up to USD$3.5M, and must be part of a priced round led by a non-Big Idea Ventures investor. Whether or not a company receives follow-on investment is based on sustained growth and the successful completion of milestones both during and after the program.
Rest assured that we will respond to each and every applicant in due time.
Yes, as we would love to see if you have any further traction that might warrant a different evaluation for your fit to the program.
On the plant-based side we do expect you to have at least a MVP. On the cell-based side this is not a hard requirement.

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