Alexandra Stanton is the CEO of Empire Global Ventures LLC, and an expert in scaling businesses. She is an attorney with a proven record of executive leadership in business development, technology, organizational development, and public-private partnerships. She has established operations in multiple foreign markets including China, India and Turkey, raised venture and working capital for expansion and development, identified U.S. and foreign partners for joint ventures, and facilitated export promotion to and from the U.S. Her corporate focus ranges from developing large multi-nationals to launching start-ups, and she is widely recognized for her experience in assisting female founders.

Empire Global Ventures LLC


I'm an expert at scaling companies; I find clients for companies and help them grow. I'm a connector, networker, dealmaker. I see 30-50 decks a week, I know originality when I see it. I also know, from being a large-scale manager, how to grow a team, and I bring ancillary services to a scaling business and make sure all party rise together and not unevenly.