Protein Directory proudly presents the Alternative Dairy Conference 2020 with a focus on the new wave of future food companies transforming the dairy business of tomorrow.

Join us for this 1-day virtual global conference to learn about the latest business trends and best practices to transform the future of food with alternatives for dairy applications like cheese, milk and yogurt.

With keynotes and interactive panel discussions by global leaders and industry experts in the future of alternative dairy, this virtual conference brings together key players working on the new wave of food. From innovative ingredients to promising end producers and supporting organizations in the area of innovation, consumer insights, business strategy and intellectual property.

Learn about the key business opportunities in alternative proteins and network with business and scientific leaders.
Connect with the Protein.Directory community by visiting their virtual exhibitor booths during the networking breaks.

We look forward welcoming you at the Alt Dairy Conference!

What to expect:

  • 5 hours of inspiring experts talks, panels and interactive QA
  • 1  hour of networking with other participants, experts and speakers
  • Interact with 100+ participants to build relationships with potential suppliers, customers, collaboration partners and investors
  • Visit game-changing company booths in the Alt. Dairy space

For who?

  • Companies and individuals new to the field wanting to move into the Alt. dairy business. They are looking for inspiration and wanting to build a solid network of industry professionals
  • Early stage companies in Alt protein that are wanting to learn more, looking for collaboration partners, and wanting to spread their message
  • Late stage startups and mature corporations that are looking for collaboration partners and wanting to strengthen their relationships

Browse to the schedule, sessions, speakers, sponsors and exhibitors via the different tabs (scroll down).
Dec 2nd: 15.30-21.30 CET/ 9.30-15.30 EST/ 6.30-12.30 PT


  • New wave of consumer end products disrupting dairy industry: Cheese / Milk/ Quark alternatives
  • Food tech, future wave of functional ingredients to increase texture, creaminess and sensory attributes
  • EU Regulatory landscape: labeling, advertising, naming
  • How to protect Intellectual Property (IP)
  • Consumer trends in nutrition, health and sustainability
  • Inspiring keynote on how to be disruptive in alt dairy business
  • Lightning talks from service providers to support food industry
    • accelerating innovation and business
    • how to scale up and commercialize innovation
  • Business opportunities
    • investing in Alt dairy
    • market analysis of alt dairy product categories
    • Startup pitch session

#altdairyconference #alternativeprotein #plantbased #fermentation #foodindustry #innovation
#regulatory #business #strategy #foodtech #investment

Recordings of our previous Alt. Protein Conference can be viewed here.
The Alt Dairy Conference will be recorded as well. Videos will be shared with registered participants.

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