The food industry is undergoing a seismic shift as producers, farmers, policymakers, consumers come to terms with issues pertaining to current food cycles. In this episode I am joined by Andrew Ive, Founder and Managing General Partner of Big Idea Ventures a venture capital fund and accelerator investing in food tech, alt protein and food innovation in Singapore. As the chatter around how people can eat green/clean/ethically/locally etc increases we talk about the role of investors and mentors in propelling this sector. The rise of companies such as Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods in the US is testament to the fact that the alt protein sector is here to stay. It disrupts the filthy business of slaughter, meets the nutritional requirements of consumers and is kind to public and planetary health. The New Protein Fund of $50 million by Big Idea Ventures is backed by Temasek Holdings and Tyson Foods and is actively looking for entrepreneurs who are building the future of food. We talk about what investors are looking for in aspiring and current food entrepreneurs, contextualise the food systems to date and envisage what the future of food could look like. Andrew talks about some of the rising stars of this space including homegrown companies in India and how Singapore is paving the way to this edible and equitable future. Do check out the incredible work they’re doing to amplify the work of food entrepreneurs and regardless of whatever stage you’re at do approach them to know more about their fund and their accelerator program: As ever, please do follow us on IG at @amplifypodcast and rate and review us via your podcast provider.

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