Amrit Richmond is the founder of CMYK Ventures, a marketing and insights agency for consumer brands and investors. Her work with brands helps founders understand their position in the market, get consumer feedback, connect with like-minded brands, source agencies and vendors, and launch new companies and products. Her 12+ year career spans advertising, media, technology, and VC on the post-investment side leading communications and founder support programs for Backstage Capital, Collaborative Fund and RRE.

CMYK Ventures


Consumer Insights - Talk to real consumers about what they think of your branding, packaging, story, product. I have a proprietary consumer panel of millennial women that seek out natural products created by modern brands:

Market Analysis - Identify your competitors and where you fit in the market. Have also been keeping tabs on European vegan cheese and meat brands.

Brand Partnerships - Connect with complimentary brands for collaborations, events, giveaways, etc.

Ecosystem Development - Connect with agencies, investors, retailers, and strategic partners in the consumer goods ecosystem. I'm soon launching to scale this 1:1 connecting into a community πŸ™‚

Can also help with marketing strategy, go to market planning, city expansion.

Customer Feedback from Me - I'm a vegetarian since birth and have watched the plant based industry evolve the past 20 years. I frequently buy products from Hippeas, Kite Hill, Miyoko's, Califia Farms, Culina, Beyond Meat.

Restaurant Distribution - My mother is a pioneer in the natural foods industry and has been taking me to Expo West since I was 10 when she had a vegan frozen casserole line with TVP meat and tuna. She was also a national spokeswoman for Silk and wrote a book about how to cook with tofu. She now owns two restaurants in Los Angeles and is very keen to feature plant based cheese and proteins on her menus. and

Here are some of my public resources for CPGs: