In Asia, the alternative protein sector is in its infancy but catching up rapidly.

For alternative protein to truly become a protein solution for Asia, the industry needs to move beyond importing technologies and brands from Silicon Valley. We have seen local innovators and companies starting to emerge in past years with huge potential to lead the future growth of this sector. That’s why GFI APAC has created the Asia Alt 100 (which you can learn more about here), listing Asia’s top 100 protein disruptors of the year, with plans to update the list annually.

Industry Map

This year, we present to you the 2020 Asia Alt 100 alongside 35 investors on this Industry Map to showcase not only the who’s who of this sector but also how they work together. On the map, we have deconstructed the industry value chain into 5 key building blocks – raw materials, production, end products, research and development, and investment.


Raw Materials

Companies supplying protein-rich ingredients sourced from plants, microbes or through cellular agriculture to replace conventional animal-based sources.

For example, Plant-based proteins: soy, pea protein, etc; Cultivated proteins: cell lines, etc.


Companies transforming raw ingredients into alternative protein products or supporting the production process, particularly in scale-up.

For example: Plant-based proteins: protein extraction, extrusion, texturization, etc; Cultivated proteins: medium, serum, bioreactors development, scaffolding, etc.

End Products

Plant-based or cell-based meat, eggs and dairy consumer product brands. Meat alternatives consist of red meat (mainly beef and pork), poultry and seafood.

Research and Development

Academic institutions and Innovation centres who’ve conducted activities in order to innovate and introduce new alternative protein products or services that support the growth of this sector.


Venture capital firms and accelerators who have made at least one investment in the alternative protein sector in Asia. Corporate partners are corporates that have collaborated or invested in Asia alternative protein sector without establishment of a venture capital arm.

This Industry Map is for information purposes only. Inclusion of a company or organisation does not represent affiliation with or endorsement by GFI APAC. GFI APAC makes no representation or warranty with respect to correctness, completeness, or currentness of this Industry Map.

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