Big Idea Ventures to discuss plant-based investment themes at the QSR Media Asia Conference & Awards

Managing Partner Christian Cadeo says QSRs risk being left behind if they don’t ride the wave of alternative protein foods.

In the annual QSR Media Asia Conference & Awards, Big Idea Ventures managing partner Christian Cadeo will discuss how QSR brands can take advantage of the opportunities surrounding the global rise of plant-based products.

Cadeo used to lead the Asia-Pacific business of the alternative protein startup JUST, which raised over US$372m. He also worked with the world’s largest companies, including Google and Microsoft.

Big Idea Ventures is a VC firm based in New York and Singapore, which backs plant-based and alternative protein companies through a fund anchored by investments from Temasek Holdings and Tyson Food.

Below is a quick Q&A with Cadeo:

QSR Media: What are your key business philosophies?
Cadeo: We are focusing on finding the best companies globally that are building Brand’s that are focus on plant-based or cultivate meat to be eventually used in relevant QSR business.

What particular issues or developments are you currently thinking about that you think the multi-site restaurant industry should also take a closer look at?
One thing is how will they incorporate a changing consumer taste profile that is moving towards sustainable and healthy diets specifically with plant-based food.

What are some of the things you’re personally excited to do at the third QSR Media Asia Conference and Awards in Singapore?
I am excited to talk to the relevant industry on this new wave of alternative protein foods that is being demanded by their consumers and how are they going to ride this wave or be left behind.

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