Generation Food Platform Joins in Series A Financing of New Wave Foods

NEW YORK, Jan. 14, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Big Idea Ventures LLC, the global leader in early stage protein investing, has completed an investment in Stamford, Connecticut-based New Wave Foods®, a plant-based shellfish company. The company is offering a plant-based shrimp ready for restaurants and foodservice operators in 2021. This investment was made in partnership with Zandbergen World’s

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Why its Never Been Easier to Be a Vegan Foodie in Singapore

It’s a great time to love vegan food in Singapore, as artisanal brands are cropping up left, right and centre. With an influx of creative souls pushing the boundaries of flavourful plant-based food; homegrown vegan delicacies are now a thing. Think artisanal cheeses, nut butter, curry puffs, desserts and so much more. It is now a rarity

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Female VC Lab

E011: Abby Lyall: Big Idea Ventures Featured Guest Bio: Abby Lyall is Vice President at Big Idea Ventures, focusing on Series A+ stage investments in sustainable food and agriculture. Prior to this role, Abby was Program Director for BIV’s seed stage alt-protein accelerator and the second employee at Quake Capital Partners. Fund Information: Big Idea

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Mumbai-based startup makes vegan eggs that taste like real ones!

01/6 Mumbai-based startup makes vegan eggs with plant protein Would you like to try a vegan omelette that smells, looks and tastes just like an egg omelette but isn’t actually made with eggs? Sounds interesting, right? Well, a Mumbai-based startup has actually made vegan eggs which are entirely prepared with plant protein. The startup ‘Evo

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