Brooke Sunness is the Executive Editor at Cell Based Tech, a digital publication that covers the intersection of cellular biology and food through a business and investment lens. Brooke has a Master’s Degree in Food Systems from NYU where she studied agricultural economics. Through Cell Based Tech, Brooke applies her unique perspective on food value chains to the emerging industry of cellular agriculture reaching financial and industry professionals.

Cell Based Tech

As the Executive Editor at Cell Based Tech I research and report on the intersection of cellular biology and food. My analysis is from a business and investment perspective catering to an audience of primarily financial investors and industry professionals.

The audience for Cell Based Tech is ~60% investors (including institutional investors) and growing. We have the direct attention of individuals who may be interested in investing in your company or the New Protein Fund itself. I would like to work and meet with cell based companies to gain first hand insights and subsequently provide exposure to them via Through my in depth knowledge of the overall industry, I can also directly help new and emerging companies strategize and navigate the food and biotech landscape.