Cameron Ross is a former undergrad at American University in Washington, D.C. He is the Founder of Celise, a biodegradable and compostable disposables company at the forefront of replacing plastics with sustainable alternatives. Cameron specializes in Supply Chain Development and Strategic Planning with an emphasis on tailoring business operations profitably in line with a company's values. He is an active hiker, environmentalist, car enthusiast, and prefers everyone to call him Cam.


I run the day-to-day operations of the business with an emphasis on long-term strategic planning, customer relations, financial prosperity, and sales management for the company

As a college drop-out with a young company of my own, I still do not consider myself an expert in my field, or any field yet, for that matter. However, I do know that the principles I've set for myself and my company are tested rigorously and improved on a daily basis, reiterated in failure for constant improvement and thus I know the value of making mistakes, failing, and the continual strive of progress. In fact, the majority of my business and its success has been an upward struggle of mistakes that were just improved upon for the next customer and the next.

I believe I can be of value in Strategic Planning, Supply Chain Management (as I manage over 30 different international supply networks), and Product Development in the physical space (leave the tech to the experts, manufacturing is my area of knowledge). I have also excelled in Prospecting in an industry dominated by players who give no one the time of the day; companies already doing 15 billion in revenue annually. I can be of use in prospect development and turnover success.