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An Industry in Transition: COVID-19’s Impact on Plant-Based Protein

Anjali Agarwal   The world reckoned with COVID-19 over the last several months as lockdowns were instituted, and as people globally experienced drastic changes to their daily lives, consumers’ spending habits changed in stride. Among these changes include an increase in spending on groceries, while spending on other categories, such as entertainment and travel, naturally

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Leveraging Technical Fundamentals for a Fundraising Advantage

Greg Wiseman The marketplace and the consumer have changed – forever.  COVID-19 has brought structural changes to where we eat, what we eat, and who we eat it with. For those entrepreneurs that are able to see into the future of these impacts, this is a great time to bring innovation to the marketplace. For example,

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Stuck At Home? 5 Ways to Work on Your Distribution

By Michael Berro, Partner and Distribution Expert at Big Idea Ventures.   Hopefully if you’re reading this, you’re staying home and staying safe during these times. If you are a startup, you’re probably wondering how to allocate your time when having in-person meetings is almost impossible. Here are six tactics to help you build a great

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The Duty Of Businesses

Alicia Grayeb   You hear conversations starting with: “Once everything goes back to normal… “, “I cannot wait to retake my normal life”, and “When are we going back to normal?”. The truth is, what we know as normal or “business as usual” should not be something we aspire to go back to. We need

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Lorem ipsum | Vietnam |

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