Evan is a born and raised New Yorker, adventurer, and MBA who is equal parts analytical and creative. He has eclectic experience across different industries (F&B, hospitality, technology, professional services, advertising...) as an entrepreneur, strategist, company builder and coach. He strongly believes that human-centered design and planet-centered design can go hand-in-hand, and that entrepreneurs can change the world.

Business Models Inc, 13 Ventures, Starta Ventures

Business design-taking companies from 0 to 1 and 1-2, strategy creation and activation, startup coaching, investment analysis

From a subject matter expertise perspective, I have a ton of knowledge in the F&B + hospitality space having worked in it for 8 years pre-MBA, in addition to being on the founding teams of 2 companies (Birch Coffee and Delhicioso).

My focus areas are strategy and business design, especially with early stage companies. Since startup strategy is a series of phases, I help companies identify their long-term vision, and then set up a strategy that will help them "graduate" from the phase they are currently in to the next phase (for instance, from pre-seed to seed, or 10 users to 500 users). This usually takes the shape of identifying untested assumptions, and setting up experiments to validate those assumptions and other key elements of the business model. From there, identifying and acting on a series of steps to hit the necessary goals.