Meet Hailey Swartz

Actual Veggies

Actual Veggies makes burgers with fresh veggies that are large, filling, and colorful. Because natural is beautiful.

Startup Stage:

New York, NY, USA


What led you to where you are today?

I’ve worked for large corporations for 12 years. Most recently, I was at Alibaba helping small businesses take their concept from idea to market. I was inspired by the energy and enthusiasm of these entrepreneurs in bringing something new to the world and wanted to do the same myself. At the same time, I’m passionate about food and keeping a healthy lifestyle. When my co-founder Jason brought the idea of Actual Veggies to me, I was immediately enthralled with the vision and mission and jumped on board. We are so excited to give consumers a delicious, healthy, and sustainable food choice.


What do you wish you knew before embarking on your entrepreneurial journey?

Honestly, I wish I knew how much fun it would be. I am enjoying every single second of this journey and every day my confidence and enthusiasm grows. We are all so capable.

What can you help the VEGPRENEUR community with?

With a background in product management, I know how to prioritize and execute quickly and effectively. I am happy to share ideas for moving things forward- and when to say “good enough is better than perfect.” You can always iterate.

How can the VEGPRENEUR community help you?

I am excited to meet other founders and learn from each other/ share ideas.

Fun fact about you:

The first batch of samples that we sent to our current investors (at the time prospective investors) arrived looking like soup. We still got the investment!

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