Focused on driving innovation and economic growth across the rural United States, the Generation Food Rural Partners fund collaborates with universities across the US to commercialize leading intellectual property innovations in food, protein, and agriculture.

Generation Food Rural Partners

Generation Food Rural Partners is a venture fund focused on commercializing university-developed intellectual property in food, protein, and agriculture. We partner with leading research universities across the United States to launch new companies with strategic, commercial-ready innovations at their core. We recruit seasoned management teams, provide seed stage and follow-on capital, and bring support from our network of strategic partners to each new company from inception. If you’re interested in joining our network of university partners or strategic LPs, please contact us here. If you’re interested in management team opportunities at our portfolio companies, please apply here.

Our Goal with the Generation Food Rural Partners Fund

Rural communities have always and will continue to be the engines driving innovation in the food system across the United States — we rely upon them as food providers for our entire country. Universities are pioneering innovation in food, protein and agriculture that represent a significant growth opportunity for rural communities. The Generation Food Rural Partners fund is a unique model to bridge the gap between the innovative minds of university researchers and legacy corporations searching for fresh solutions. By bringing capital and business-building expertise to centers of research, we will leverage our investment expertise and the wealth of knowledge in rural communities to build great businesses, create jobs, optimize infrastructure, and drive local economic development.

Invest with Big Idea Ventures

Interested in taking part in one of our funds? Let's chat.

We are always looking for major institutional investors, family offices and multinationals worldwide that would like to be on the ground floor on the revolution that is happening in the food space. With teams in New York City and Singapore, we would love to talk about how our funds can deliver the financial returns plus the environmental impact that this sector offers.

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