A multi-stage venture fund investing in technologies and companies that will transform the global food system, this is led by Tom Mastrobuoni who was the CFO at Tyson Ventures and sourced Beyond Meat, Memphis Meat, New Wave Food and Future Meat Technologies.

Generation Food Fund I

Generation Food Fund I will invest in Series A and later stage companies that will drive sustainability across the global food supply chain. With a focus on packaging, supply chain optimization, alternative protein platforms and innovative ingredient options, Generation Food will fuel growth in the companies that will transform the global food system. The fund will partner with the United Nations Development Programme to review portfolio companies for their sustainability impact both at the time of investment, and at exit. If you are a later stage technology company in the food industry with the capability to reduce plastics, water, waste or CO2, reach out here.

Our Goal With the Generation Food Fund

The current system was designed to deliver maximum calories as cheaply as possible. The food supply chain puts an undue burden on our environment, our global resources and the health of our people. Global food companies are making significant commitments to their customers and shareholders to bring efficiencies to their entire supply chain – better food, less waste, lower environmental impact. What they lack are the transformative technologies to deliver on these promises. With the Generation Food Fund we will bring solutions that include the next generation of food corporations that will re-design themselves to deliver sufficient quantities of nutritious, delicious foods while reducing waste and environmental costs. 

Invest with Big Idea Ventures

Interested in taking part in one of our funds? Let's chat.

We are always looking for major institutional investors, family offices and multinationals worldwide that would like to be on the ground floor on the revolution that is happening in the food space. With teams in New York City and Singapore we would love to talk about how our funds can deliver the financial returns plus the environmental impact that this sector offers.

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