Gina was the VP of growth and marketing at Duolingo, which she joined as an early employee and helped grow from 3 to 200 million users in 4 years, without paid acquisition.

Previously, Gina founded a company to help tech / digital US-based companies grow in Brazil and Latin America, and lead Tumblr's growth in the region. She was born in Brazil, studied philosophy and neuroscience at Brandeis University and had the honor of presenting to former President Obama at the White House.


VP of Growth and Community, I'm running their membership / subscriptions program

I ran my own company in Brazil helping tech startups launch and grow in Latin American markets, spent a year doing that for Tumblr specifically and then 5 years running marketing, communications, growth and international expansion for Duolingo. I'm now overseeing growth, membership and community at Quartz! I'm a generalist and can probably be thrown into a lot of different situations, but don't feel like I'm an expert at anything in particular. Maybe it's imposter syndrome!