Grounded Foods | Plant-based cheeses with no nuts, no soy, no dairy and no additives

For many years the vegan cheese market merely consisted out of nut- and soy based products. Prices where high and the diversity was low as the market didn’t seem to progress, until now. Grounded Foods, founded by Veronica and Shaun Fil is offering a variety of cheeses, based on fermented cauliflower and hemp seeds. This way of making cheese keeps prices low and makes it possible for people with nut or soy allergies to also enjoy vegan cheese.

There is a choice between ‘Cauliflower and hemp camembert’, ‘Hemp seed feta’ and ‘Cauliflower Gruyere’ and the cheeses look delicious! We love to taste them.  

Grounded Foods | Cheese made from cauliflower

Shaun Fil, created the recipes for the products using fermented cauliflower and hemp seeds. He spent the last 20 years as fine dining chef, he’s even a bit of a celebrity chef back in Australia. His products range varies from ‘cauliflower and hemp camembert’ being soft, creamy and indulgent, ‘Hemp seed feta’ being based on a Danish style feta with a smooth texture and finally the ‘Cauliflower Gruyere’ which is a semi-hard cheese that is robust and flavoursome. It is Aged for 2 months, allowing the cheese to develop rich mushroomy notes and it’s suitable for snacking, slicing and grating.

Victoria Fil, CEO and Co-founder of Grounded Foods: “My background is in behavioural economics, so my goal was to remove the barriers that stop everyday (non-vegan) consumers from buying a plant based alternative. Price is a big one, so we’re positioning our products at a comparable price point to their dairy equivalent. The other is flavour; Shaun and I are not vegan ourselves, so we know what cheese should taste like. We just wanted to create something for mainstream consumers like us, that’s free from dairy, lower in fat, and better for the environment”.

Website: Grounded Foods

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