Hovsep specializes in user experience, digital strategy, and data visualization. He holds a Master of Science in Integrated Digital Media from New York University and a BA in Psychology from Cal Poly Pomona. His previous roles include User Experience & Digital Strategy Lead at Urban Future Lab / ACRE and Data Visualization/UX Consultant at UNICEF. He currently prototypes and designs user experiences at the USC Laboratory of Neuro Imaging to help increase the pace of discovery in neuroscience, and mentors future UX designers at Thinkful.

University of Southern California

User Experience Designer

• Pitch Decks. Consult with companies regarding pitch deck refinements and gear messaging to investors and other target audiences.
• Digital Strategy. Clarify the architecture and messaging on company websites for target audiences.
• User Experience. Mentor designers within companies to help create efficient user experiences on websites and applications based on user and business needs.
• Data Visualization. Consult on using visualizations to communicate data for users or tell a story.