Humans of Agriculture “Big Ideas.. from fire escapes to entrepreneurs changing the world” with Andrew Ive

Andrew Ive is the founder of Big Idea Ventures, He scouts the world for businesses to support. Investing in entrepreneurs to change the world.

At twelve years old he put together a sketch of a fire escape.. That sat in the back of a sketch book for years & opened this entrepreneurs ticket to the world.

Andrew came across into the food scene about 7 years ago, with a wealth of knowledge as an entrepreneur he lives and breathes innovation.

As you’ll find out there’s two stories of Andrew offering opportunities to two Australian start ups, giving them the opportunity to come to the US to grow their businesses. Within days they had both relocated to the states and Andrew provided the opportunity for their products to revolutionise the food scene.

He’s a big believer in people and the opportunities for agriculture and food to provide solutions to the most pressing challenges of our time.

He believes it is possible to create the delicious foods we crave and love without having an impact.

We chat about Andrews journey

The opportunities that arise working with entrepreneurs in developing regions like India and Africa. Working with their people and cultures to create change.

Will we see a whole bunch of plays at replicating chocolate in fun and funky ways?!

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