FoodHack just announced the 40 FoodTech startups participating in its first ever Demo Day. The selected cohort is a glimpse into some of the most promising segments of FoodTech today. Highlights include:

  • US-based, Biomilq, creating cultured breast milk through mammary biotechnology.
  • Switzerland-based Kitro, with an AI-driven automated food waste platform to reduce waste in the hospitality sector
  • Spira, based in the U.S., creating carbon-negative materials from engineered algae
  • Netherlands based Cultivated Biosciences – creating plant-based fat alternatives for use in plant-based dairy products.

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The Batch (Full list of 40 companies below:)

  • 177 companies from 29 countries applied to pitch at FoodHack’s Demo Day.
  • The top 40 were selected by a panel of 19 independent analysts and top FoodTech VCs based on market opportunity, traction, team and impact.
  • The batch represents a diverse group, with startups hailing from 16 different countries, 35% female-led teams, and covering a wide array of high impact sectors across FoodTech, Biotech and AgriTech
  • Company stage: 7 pre-seed, 27 Seed, 6 Series A
  • All selected startups are on a mission, from supporting sustainability and fixing broken food systems, to promoting health and increasing efficiency through tech.

FoodHack’s co-founder and CEO Arman Anaturk commented on the Demo Day:
” 2020 was the year FoodTech made the mainstream, but 2021 is the year we start to see what sectors in FoodTech are here to stay. After a thorough selection process, we’re excited to announce the final batch of selected companies which we feel represents the current state of FoodTech in 2021. 

This comes at a time when AgriFoodTech funding is set to reach an all-time high, with 34.5% growth YOY in 2020 and more expected in 2021 (Agfunder 2021 report).

FH Demo Days

FoodHack’s plan is to make these Demo Days a twice-a-year regular event, with the next dates already set for mid March 2022. “Our long term goal is to make these events the YC of FoodTech, synonymous with high quality startups. A successful Demo Day for us would be that post-event, a number of pitching startups will have closed funding from the attending investors, or collaborate with a fellow startup in the batch” said Arman Anatürk.

The very first FoodHack Demo Day takes place October 6th through a virtual pitch competition. Whilst applications for startups have closed, accredited investors and VCs in FoodTech are welcome to apply to attend before the deadline of September 25th.

Audience: They will join an audience of 200+ active investors in FoodTech, including London-based AgriFood Fund, Astanor, Stockholm’s EQT Ventures (which just led the record-breaking $50m investment into alt-dairy startup Formo) and Delivery Hero’s recently-launched venture arm, DX Ventures.

Top 40 Startups

Alfred’s Food Tech (?? Israel)

Alfred’s have developed an innovative and scalable versatile platform to produce Alternative Protein Products Texturization – from Poultry, fish, beef, yellow cheese, and all in scalable technology.

Ark Biotech (?? USA)

Ark creates fit-for-purpose, affordable bioreactors for the industrial production of cultivated meat.

Arkim (?? Turkey)

Arkim produces new-generation, clean-label calcium-based natural food preservatives made from class-A eggshells to transform the food and beverage industry.

B’ZEOS (?? Switzerland)

B’ZEOS is a start-up offering sustainable/renewable, home compostable, marine degradable, bio-digestible and non-chemically modified packaging solutions made from seaweed extracts. Combating plastic pollution and helping companies to decarbonise industries.

BeeSecure  (?? Italy)

By translating pollinators’ vibrations and sounds BeeSecure provides real time data analysis to beekeepers, farmers, consumers and companies, helping them all in producing more, healthier food, saving time and protecting pollinators.

BEET (?? Sweden)

BEET provides a personalised Plant Based nutrition platform aggregator for Plant Based chef-influencer recipes (like Spotify), with AI powered personalisation on taste & nutrition/health needs of each user, in-app connected to grocery stores for convenience.

Biftek INC (?? USA)

Biftek produces microorganism-based, natural, and cost-effective growth medium supplements to grow muscle stem cells. Instead of conventional fetal-bovine-serum (FBS) dependent production, which is nearly 90% of the bill, Biftek’s patent-pending formulation decreases related expenses dramatically.


BIOMILQ is developing technology to make human milk outside the body. We’re increasing infant feeding options so that parents face fewer trade offs. The nutrition of breastmilk with the practicality of formula.

Cultivated Biosciences (?? Netherlands)

Plant-based alternatives lack a creaminess for which the fat component is key. Cultivated is developing a fat ingredient from oleaginous yeast, which offers the creaminess needed for plant-based dairy.

De Novo Dairy (?? South Africa)

De Novo Dairy is the first African company to use precision fermentation technology to produce animal-free dairy products that provide the same sensory experience and nutrition as their traditional dairy counterparts.

DeliverZero (?? USA)

DeliverZero makes it easy for customers to order takeout and delivery in returnable reusable containers. Customers order through DeliverZero’s reusables-only platform or in person. The containers can be returned to any restaurant on our network.

EASIP Drinks (?? Germany)

From non-alcoholic distillates, EASIP Drinks create exceptional non-alcoholic drinking moments for a new conscious drinking culture.

Embion (?? Switzerland)

Embion commercializes the next generation in biomass processing technology to meet the planet’s demand in nutrition, materials and energy supply. Embion’s aim is to become the technology leader for producing natural, sustainable and high functionality products.

Fellow Creatures (?? UK)

Fellow Creatures are rapidly building ‘the Oatly of plant-based chocolate’, with creamy bars in eye-catching packaging and exciting flavours. Already listed by Sainsbury’s and WHSmith and strong growth with DTC.

FoodDock (?? USA)

FoodDock is the Etsy for farmers, making it simple for consumers to eat better while supporting their local community.

Good Club (?? UK)

Good Club is making zero-waste shopping accessible to a mainstream audience, delivering household staples (food and non-food) in reusable packaging that is collected from homes and cleaned for reuse.

Hargol FoodTech (?? Israel)

Hargol is the global leading producer of nutrient rich protein for humans from grasshoppers. Hargol’s technology and novel proteins are a more efficient protein source that can better feed the world.

Innoscentia (?? Sweden)

Innoscentia develops dynamic shelf life labels to indicate the status of packaged food in real-time and thereby reduce food waste drastically.

IRRIOT (?? Sweden)

IRRIOT decrease’s the water usage for horticulture by 50%, while increasing the crop yield with 30% using wireless precision irrigation automation.

Kinoko-Tech (?? Israel)

Kinoko-Tech is offering the ability to generate good nutritional values and texture and produce a variety of products. The production is based on solid-state fermentation of mycelium of edible fungi on legumes, the end-product is a combination of both the fungi and the legumes.

Kitchen Robotics (?? Israel)

Kitchen Robotics specializes in the development of ghost dark kitchens solutions. The vision is to reshape the way restaurants design, prepare, manage and deliver dishes in multiple cuisines.

KITRO SA (?? Switzerland)

With artificial intelligence as the foundation, KITRO offers an automated food waste data collection and analysis solution for the food service industry.

Libre Foods (?? Spain)

Libre Foods are the first movers in EU growing aerial mycelium to develop whole-cut meat alternatives.

Mamamade (?? UK)

Mamamade is the fastest-growing parenting brand in the UK, delivering plant meals for babies first tastes up to 4 years. With 40+ meals developed in conjunction with our community, we are about to launch new products and services.

MAOLAC (?? Israel)

MAOLAC is creating functional ingredients inspired by the Apex of human nutrition – Breastmilk. MAOLAC’s novel ingredients will strengthen and support the immune system in a wide array of ways, from general immunization to targeted reactions.

MeliBio, Inc. (?? USA)

By harnessing microbiology and plant-based food science, MeliBio creates clean sustainable honey, with matching nutrient composition and richness as conventional honey. MeliBio honey is better for humans, and better for bees.

Mi Terro (?? China)

Mi Terro is the world’s first synthetic biology and advanced material company that utilizes big data to create home compostable, single-use plastic-alternative packaging materials made from plant-based agricultural waste.

Michroma (?? USA)

Future ingredients made by fungi. Michroma are developing fungal-based biofactories to produce next-gen natural ingredients in a sustainable, scalable, and cost-effective way aiming to replace petroleum-based ingredients like colorants which are harmful to humans and the planet’s health.

Moolec Science (?? UK)

Moolec Science is a science-based ingredients company using plants to produce animal proteins through a disruptive technology in the alternative protein landscape.

Pa’lais (?? Belgium)

Pa’lais – The Plant Kitchen helps people eat and cook healthier by imagining the food of tomorrow with delicious plant-based alternatives to dairy: spread-cheeses and culinary hot creamy and organic sauces.

Pick8ship (?? Switzerland)

Pick8ship shelf-less robot fulfillment and delivery – revolutionary logistics system for fast urban e-commerce – game changer regarding efficiency and sustainability – flexibly scalable, ready in days not years.

Plant Jammer (?? Denmark)

Plant Jammer publishes Personalized recipes on CPG websites that grow customer intelligence for new product formulations and positioning.

Revo Foods (?? Austria)

Revo Foods develops plant-based seafood with 3D food printing. Good for you, and the environment.

Spira (?? USA)

Spira creates carbon-negative materials from engineered algae using a global network of farms to produce ingredients for food, cosmetic and textile companies.

Sundial Foods, Inc. (?? USA)

Sundial creates plant-based, clean label whole cuts with skin, meat, and bone. Rather than high moisture extrusion, we use our own proprietary structuring method.

Tebrito (?? Sweden)

Tebrito upscales residual food streams using insects and delivers natural and quality nutrition for plants, animals and humans.

Time-travelling Milkman (?? Netherlands)

Time-travelling Milkman extracts and formulates plant based fats from seeds, to introduce superior taste and texture attributes as well as a healthy nutritional profile to alternative dairy products.

Update Foods (?? France)

Update Foods leverages the underexplored potential of algae to mainstream a new generation of all-in-one dairy alternatives : creamy, tasty, eco-friendly, versatile and nutritious.

Wasteless (?? Israel)

Wasteless rewards customers for sustainable consumption behavior, as they’re incentivized to buy a product expiring sooner, rather than that with a longer shelf life. A profitable solution for the planet (and retailers).

Willicroft (?? Netherlands)

Willicroft are reimagining how we consume cheese combining age-old techniques with a more planet-friendly ingredient base. They’re name originates from Willicroft Farm founded by their founder’s grandparents in 1957.

Selection: The Demo Day will finish with a selection of the top 3 pitches made by the attending jury (see list below) and a prize ceremony with financial and service-based support awarded to the top 3 startups.

The Jury:

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