Melissa created Siddhi to fill a gap in operations management and manufacturing execution in food/beverage companies that were out for change. Coming out of a large family business - rooted in food/beverage manufacturing - Melissa saw a gap in deep operations knowledge and expertise and founded Siddhi, comprised of a group of industry veterans and operations experts, aimed at supporting both brands and investors alike.

As an advancement to Siddhi - which serves as outsourced operating company - Melissa founded Siddhi Partners as an equity holding and small investment company, to support fast-growing, promising brands in the space.

In addition, Melissa serves on the Board of Directors of several plant-based companies.


Founder + CEOt

The skill sets of me and my firm, Siddhi, is heavily centered around operations and strategy in high growth or emerging food and beverages companies. We are the folks who build and execute on operational strategy, have specific expertise in negotiating co-manufacturing, supplier or joint venture partnerships. Siddhi is an outsourced operations team who quite literally runs the backend of our client’s businesses: supply chain, inventory management, order fulfillment, process implantation, manufacturing expertise - with a particular expertise around CapEx expenditures and creative manufacturing solutions, etc. We worry about operations so you don’t have to! I also sit on a large amount of boards and help our clients raise money, execute on strategic partnerships and get the most of their capital raises.