Mike Ravenscroft is a Partner at re:Founded, a Venture Advisory Firm in Washington DC. Prior to launching re:Founded, Mike worked on the Investment Team at CIT GAP Funds, one of the 50 most active VCs in the country. Over his career, Mike has managed four venture-backed startup accelerator programs and has worked with startups from all over the world developing solutions in agtech, fintech, edtech, medtech, and cyber security. He is an avid believer in the power of small teams to disrupt big markets.

re:Founded Venture Advisory

I provide strategy and innovation consulting for startups, venture funds, and corporations. My role is to help teams figure out why something isn't working and fix it.

I help companies articulate their value propositions. This typically involves supporting in companies' customer discovery efforts--everything from understanding who their customers are (how they work, how they think, how they buy product) to identifying the core customer problems they're solving, how they solve them better than their competitors, and what is their unfair advantage that will help them build a strong and defensible business model. Most often, my value-add is helping companies challenge the assumptions that stand in the way of achieving product-market fit.