Misha Hyman, founder and CEO of The Health Warrior Project, is a health and wellness influencer in New York City, Los Angeles and Miami. He is a private chef and urban farming entrepreneur who focuses primarily on hyper local produce, urban farmed vegetables and grass finished meat from sustainable farms with practices that align with regenerative agriculture practices.

Chef Misha believes that food is medicine. He believes that if we are able to be the source of our own healing and the CEO of our own health, then we can reverse chronic disease, mental illness, and promote sustainable weight loss. Chef Misha is an advocate of the "Community Healthcare Model”. He believes that the battle to take back our health is not something we can do alone. We need to heal as a community, in a community.

The Health Warrior Project LLC

Founder, Executive Chef

I am a wellness influencer and help companies who are trying to go more wellness facing for consumers. I am a farm to table chef who specializes in urban farming and the future of urban agriculture in the US, especially in hyper urban environments. I focus on helping wellness food brands detoxify their product and help them use more sustainable and environmentally friendly alternatives.