The Joseph Priestley Society welcomes a panel of industry leaders for a virtual discussion about the development and commercialization of nonanimal foods.

Print ad for Dow depicting woman buying groceries, 1952Dow Chemical Company print advertisement: “Food…fit for an American,” May 24, 1952.

Science History Institute


In recent years the number of people pursuing flexitarian, vegetarian, and vegan lifestyles has risen. In response several start-up and established companies are developing and commercializing nonanimal foods to provide alternatives to animal-based meat. The technology follows one of two paths—either formulating plant-based products or using cell cultures to “grow” meat.

This program will bring together representatives from companies active in the field, discussing this sector’s growth and the challenges to consumer adoption of alternative meats. Technical challenges aside, these companies must also address regulatory, economic, and consumer-perception hurdles.

Attendees will come away with a better understanding of the most significant transformation of the food industry in decades and how it will affect peoples’ dietary choices in the future.

“Neither Fish nor Fowl” is this year’s Ralph Connor Memorial Lecture, created by the Science History Institute to showcase periodic addresses on the role of research in the development of technology and industry by eminent practitioners in the chemical and molecular sciences.

This event is coproduced by the American Chemical Society as part of its ACS Webinars series.


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